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New Client Resources

Before Your Initial Meeting

So you're thinking about working with an advisor. That's great news! We never charge for initial meetings, so if you're not entirely sure you're ready to commit, we're more than happy to review your portfolio and then let you make your decision. 

We have two resources we ask you to utilize before that initial meeting. 

<strong>PreciseFP Quick Fact Finder</strong>

PreciseFP Quick Fact Finder

Before we meet with you we need to know what kinds of accounts you have. Please click below to access the Quick Fact Finder. You'll be asked for your personal details, family information, account types, and recent account statements. Please be as thorough as possible when filling this out, so we can provide a comprehensive analysis of your portfolio, and let you know if we would be a good fit for you.

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<strong>Risk Analysis</strong>

Risk Analysis

One of our fundamental services at MKT Advisors is to help you understand how your portfolio may behave in different market cycles. We do this through calculating your risk tolerance. As part of our management process we ask clients to partake in a risk questionnaire. It's a useful tool that allows us to help you understand the amount of risk you're willing to take via the holdings in your portfolio.

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